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Health Screening

We offer a Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Testing service in a private room with a Pharmacist.

These results will be entered into our system which will printed out on an easy to read report. This report is ideal to provide to your GP or for you to track your own progress.


These tests are only for risk assessment and do not in any case replace a visit to your GP - but if you're not one to visit a doctor regularly, this is a good starting point.


This could be the start to a happier, healthier life!

Frequently Asked Q's - 


How much does it cost?

Each test is $5 which can be paid at the time of the appointment. 

A small price to pay for better health!

Can I have this test?

We've made this service available to anyone over 18 years of age. The blood glucose test is ideally performed on an empty stomach. 


For a blood pressure test, we will normally ask you to be seated in our private consult room for a few minutes prior to the test to allow your results to reflect a resting pressure/rate 

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